Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I wonder?...

This Cold winter Breeze
Never seize to stop this night
I feel like I really am in fright
This feeling I can't seem to understand
Maybe because I just miss you tonight.

I feel some weird things on my chest
as I write this poem on my desk
My arms, my legs continue to weaken
as my mind asks "when will I see you again?"

Oh My Sweetest,
After Knocking me off my feet,
My heart had an unhealable disease,
When I'm with you, is the only time it beats.

I wonder if the time would freeze,
can we fly together?, please?

Im sorry, I can't stop but to wonder
It's just so hard for my mind not to ponder.
alas, I end my poem with this thought I pondered
You are everything,
if you can't have nothing more,
then I'll be nothing more.
but your lover.


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