Monday, February 22, 2010


miss halfway now:

greets more people
tries making time efficient 
does the things not usual
putting priorities first
sets aside worries
breaks new grounds
wants to make more change 

Monday, February 8, 2010

The wind can blow hard and cover our face. At the time, we won’t be able to see clearly, irrationalized judgments, unparallel perceptions.

It’s really amazing how my last week have turned out. I was studying harder than ever for our exams, suddenly deleting my facebook account for no reaason, unexpected calls from a past person in my past relationship in my past life, a very high longing for my mother and a bunch of feuds with my sisters. But well, im ok now.

At those tough times, I tend to see no light in that darkness, but i was left very proud of myself, my faith kicked in! remember, last post I was talking about me praying for enough faith?. Well, now I should say, yes there is no such thing as enough faith but also, the littlest faith can put you through your darkest days. Why worry when you can pray?

Last Thursday, I actually didn’t know how to push through, but look, its already Monday, and I got over it.

Also, the homily last night put my faith one step farther, I learned, God’s help sometimes doesn’t interfere unless we’re loosing hope and we feel we have nothing. But the moment we think we’ve done our part, surrendering everything to Him is an undeniably good option to think about.

God Bless us all!:)


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