Sunday, May 24, 2009

chip on my shoulder

my fortress failed to protect me

leaving a weak and fragile body

still immensed with the promises you made

in my own blood i bathe

long, sleepless nights

nothing can soothe my weary mind

cant have fair decisions

silence can never answer my questions

just want the honest truth

'cause this burden has to know its root

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a night sky filled with swirling clouds

stars ablaize with their own luminescence and abright crescent moon

below the rolling hills of the horizon lies a small town

there are structures in the distant lit up in a warm glow of light

there is no blue without yellow and without orange

"starry starry night"

for they could not love you

but still your love was true

and when no hope was left in sight

you took your life as lovers often do

but i could have told you,


this world was never meant for one

as beautiful as you


Monday, May 18, 2009

someday my prince will come..

I've seen the movie "Enchanted" last night...after i removed my ex's picture on my table...kinda sad but...a relief..perhaps..

To make the story short, Giselle,an otherworldly princess who falls to Earth met Robert, a divorce lawyer..

With her as a "happily ever after girl" and him being "all things must come to an end, forever is impossible man"...Surely, there would be a clash of ideas  between them.

The Disney movie,as expected, ended with a happily ever after with Robert realizing Giselle was his one great love. Putting mine and other girls'  hopes up.


Truly, we can never know if there's a true prince charming for us or just silly men who'll break our hearts after we've done everything. 

Happily ever after???...Its rare but it can happen...

I know it will happen..

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

reframing the picture

There was a family of bald eagles. When the eggs hatched, Mama and Papa Eagle were attentive to their offsprings, taking turns hunting for food and guarding the nest. But one day both parents disappeared. the eaglets have nothing to eat and no protection from bigger eagles...

Reframing the picture of the lonely and poor eaglets, the Mama Eagle was just at the  nearby branch watching over them.

Sometimes, we fear that God has abandoned us. Looking only at the nest with the eaglets proves that our visions are limited. And we only see a small part of the entire scene. 

In Deut. 32:7-12, Moses used the imagery to describe God. As eagles carry their young, God carries His people.  He will never abandon us, He is watching so we don't have to fear the dangers around us. 

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

better with you!

I wish that without me your heart would break

I wish that without me you'd be spending the rest of your nights awake
I wish that without me you couldn't eat
I wish I was the last thing on your mind before you went to sleep

 I wish I was your favourite girl
I wish you thought I was the reason you are in the world
I wish my smile was your favourite kind of smile
I wish the way that I dressed was your favourite kind of style
Basically, I wish that you loved me
I wish that you needed me

Friday, May 8, 2009

"you and i"

since it became "you and i"
i knew every morning will have a sigh.
you break my heart everytime you don't come
but glue it all with your face so calm.
so tell me, how can i hate you honey?

i hope that "you and i"
could be a fairytale i always wish for
we never really became that strong,
but look, we haven't travelled that long

for now, "you and i" are separating ways,
but still having our invisible string
we're heading on the same direction
no matter what they say

ill never stop loving you,
ill just stop living for you
"i" will live my life for the mean time
its upto "you" to decide.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

if tomorrow never comes..

we can never know what lies ahead..

What if tomorrow never comes?

Is the love you've shown enough to last?

Have you danced like there's no tomorrow?

Have you kissed like there's no goodbye?

Have you laughed with tears in our eyes?

Have you prayed like no one's listening?

So tell that someone that you love
Just what you’re thinking of.

Lipsticks fade...
Flowers wither...
Life is temporary...


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

In Science, vaccines give the body a preview of a bacterium, virus, or toxin, allowing it to learn how to defend itself in advance. It provides immunity to the person.

Problems are like vaccines. They are God's trial for us.

Life on earth can be very brutal, you can feel that everything's crashing down before your very eyes, but NO,that's just how it is supposed to be.

Do not break, learn how to bend.  Bending doesn't mean you're changing or loosing, its accepting the present situation and making the most out of it. 

Everybody can do that, instead of drowning yourself into fear, sadness, revenge...always find a reason for everything. 

Be strong.We can bear everything with His help! (Josh. 1:9)

Sunday, May 3, 2009

G - R - V - I - T - Y

Something always brings me back to you.
It never takes too long.

No matter what I say or do I'll still feel you here 'til the moment I'm gone.

You hold me without touch.
You keep me without chains.
I never wanted anything so much than to drown in your love and not feel your rain.

Set me free, leave me be. I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity.
Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be.
But you're on to me and all over me.

You loved me 'cause I'm fragile.
When I thought that I was strong.
But you touch me for a little while and all my fragile strength is gone.

Set me free, leave me be. I don't want to fall another moment into your gravity.
Here I am and I stand so tall, just the way I'm supposed to be.
But you're on to me and all over me.

I live here on my knees as I try to make you see that you're everything I think I need here on the ground.
But you're neither friend nor foe though I can't seem to let you go.
The one thing that I still know is that you're keeping me down
Although i try to resist it, i guess i will fall over and over again with that smile, with that voice, with that hug, with those kisses.
even though you're keepin me down, being in love with you is a thing i can never regret

Saturday, May 2, 2009

This is my first time to post a blog. hehe

this is a quote from my favorite medical drama, Grey's Anatomy

"We all think we’re going to be great and we feel a little bit robbed when our expectations aren’t met. But sometimes expectations sell us short. Sometimes the expected simply pales in comparison to the unexpected. You got to wonder why we cling to our expectations, because the expected is just what keeps us steady. The expecteds just the beginning, the unexpected is what changes our lives."

When we do things we must expect that everything can happen, must have plan A-Z if possible. As some people say, expect the worse case scenario. Expect to lose even you're wishing to win,  expect to fail when you want to pass and hope for forever but always put in your mind that everything must come to its end, not all things last. 

But what's good in expecting the unexpected?

Why would i hope for forever when i know its  impossible??

All I know is, there is only one being who knows what will happen to our lives. As my friend have said to me after my ex and i broke up...

Each of us has a different story and God is the writer. Whatever happens, all we can do is to let Him write every mishap, every heartbreak, every sorrow of our lives. After all we can really not do anything about it.  Im sure that He is a great writer. every story has its intro, climax and the happy ending. Let's just trust the "Author".

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