Saturday, January 30, 2010

better best

People really cannot settle for less, we can never have enough

We cannot have enough things to accomplish, money to spend, love to give, empathy to care, faith to become saints and many more. I think it is not that we want everything, but it’s man’s nature. We wish we have more.

This week, in my business organization class, the mentor wanted us to have a speech about leadership. I think I did great, but I wish could have done it better. Well, it’s done I cannot go back through time. But the point is, I know in myself , I’m better than that so next time, ill give my better best!

Sometimes, when I feel I’m at the peak of my faith, I pray. “Lord, I hope I’ve stored enough faith that can help me through the coming storms you planned for me”. But in time I proved that wrong, we cannot have enough faith, because God doesn’t give easy undertakings, He gives us the toughest ones, tougher than the last ones, more than we can imagine. The faith I’ve stored will somehow fall short. Giving me this ever-wanting feeling to acquire more faith every day I wake up in the morning,

I find it strange when I ask people “Are you happy?” Then they’ll say ”Yes, super happy”…after few months, asking them the same question..they’ll say “I’m happier than ever!” I therefore conclude, we can never have enough happiness, the happier we are now, the more we expect to be happier in the future.

We cannot do enough good, the moment we slip or just one fatal mistake, everything you’ve earned, they’re all erased and you’re back to zero again.

We cannot have enough love, the heart can stop beating and give up.or, the love a person has is not enough to make another love him/her back. Sometimes, love's just ain't enough.It’s a sad realization.

Also, I should say, we can never have enough experiences and knowledge. If experience is the best teacher, that teacher will not give the same exam questions over and over again right? is like an never ending textbook full of drills and problem exercises, we can never have enough of them to say we’re already good and that we know everything.

Things are just not enough.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

we all are like a child

When we’re little, we all are afraid of the dark because of the monsters our parents used to get us to sleep. When we grow older, there are worse monsters: loneliness, heartaches, regrets and a whole bunch of problems that big people needs to face. Those are bigger monsters that still can make us afraid of the dark even we think we’re all good and stronger.

Sleeping is the easiest thing to do, you just have to close your eyes. But for some, it is the hardest thing to even grasp. The dark is scary that makes even re-opening the eyes is frightening knowing you’re all alone in the room, that somebody’s carefully watching you just waiting for his right timing to attack and hurt you,

But there are people, around us who are willing to not to go anywhere and leave us, people who wants to give their best shot on us, people who loves us though we can’t give them more than just our attention. All we need to do is to realize, we are not alone.

It is time to break grounds, set new parameters and be open to change. It is never awkward to be alone in the dark, we all have down and scary moments. It is ok to be afraid just like a child, it is ok only if you’ll get back to your normal self and realize that after the dark, there comes a light. It is not always night time, soon, dusk will come and the monsters that we made ourselves will be gone,

Friday, January 8, 2010

the end where we begin

Time brings us joys and sorrows, love and heartaches, victories and disappointments. As 2010 approaches, I am so excited of what this year has to offer me. Yes, I have learned a lot from the past year but knowing how to apply it at the same time not ruining the present situation is a big dilemma for me. I wish I could make the right decisions this time.

INCONSISTENCY is my number one problem bout random things in my life right now, I’m used to plan a thing and think it over and over again in my mind then somehow I can make it happen and pull it off . After a while I lose interest and just stop doing it. I don’t if it’s what we call laziness. Maybe, I just really couldn’t stick on a thing and maintain that high commitment to get to the end or I’m just really good at planning but not on the “getting things done “ stage. This year, I wanna see clear and real results, I wanna see things change and improve before my eyes, and I cross my fingers for this and ofcourse work!


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