Friday, April 16, 2010

my slippers

when i was a little girl,
i hang out with my friends on my slippers
it helped me through with teh running across the streets
and climbing over our neighbor's fences
we played every game we know, and laugh at each other's jokes
when mr. sun is about to go down,
i say "goodbye and see you next time" to my playing buddies
my mom must be at our doorsteps waiting for me
i went home with the dirty feet but with a happy heart

when i soon got to middle school
my slippers were called flipflops
and i dont play on streets anymore
my toe nails are colored and my hair is dyed
i use my fliflops to sneak in to my boyfriend's house
or go to malls with my bff's around the town

now, im turning eighteen,
i dont know where my slippers will bring me
but i hope, it'll be to beautiful places
or vacations i've alway wanted

every season, i understand i have to change
my slippers and my perspectives
i was not taught how to dream,
but i started it since i was a girl
dreaming for success and a woderful man
from slippers to stilettos!


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