Friday, May 8, 2009

"you and i"

since it became "you and i"
i knew every morning will have a sigh.
you break my heart everytime you don't come
but glue it all with your face so calm.
so tell me, how can i hate you honey?

i hope that "you and i"
could be a fairytale i always wish for
we never really became that strong,
but look, we haven't travelled that long

for now, "you and i" are separating ways,
but still having our invisible string
we're heading on the same direction
no matter what they say

ill never stop loving you,
ill just stop living for you
"i" will live my life for the mean time
its upto "you" to decide.


  1. Anonymous said...
    ooohh.....=( huhu

    invisible string...

    yes there are really times that we have to admit the fact that things cannot be the same just like before, all we have to do is continue living...

    though its hard..
    kathleen said...
    how long can our invisible string last?or has it ended?is this just the beginning? i dont know!
    Anonymous said...
    haha!! wala ako alam about blogs!! haha!!

    pero improving!

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