Monday, May 18, 2009

someday my prince will come..

I've seen the movie "Enchanted" last night...after i removed my ex's picture on my table...kinda sad but...a relief..perhaps..

To make the story short, Giselle,an otherworldly princess who falls to Earth met Robert, a divorce lawyer..

With her as a "happily ever after girl" and him being "all things must come to an end, forever is impossible man"...Surely, there would be a clash of ideas  between them.

The Disney movie,as expected, ended with a happily ever after with Robert realizing Giselle was his one great love. Putting mine and other girls'  hopes up.


Truly, we can never know if there's a true prince charming for us or just silly men who'll break our hearts after we've done everything. 

Happily ever after???...Its rare but it can happen...

I know it will happen..


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