Saturday, January 9, 2010

we all are like a child

When we’re little, we all are afraid of the dark because of the monsters our parents used to get us to sleep. When we grow older, there are worse monsters: loneliness, heartaches, regrets and a whole bunch of problems that big people needs to face. Those are bigger monsters that still can make us afraid of the dark even we think we’re all good and stronger.

Sleeping is the easiest thing to do, you just have to close your eyes. But for some, it is the hardest thing to even grasp. The dark is scary that makes even re-opening the eyes is frightening knowing you’re all alone in the room, that somebody’s carefully watching you just waiting for his right timing to attack and hurt you,

But there are people, around us who are willing to not to go anywhere and leave us, people who wants to give their best shot on us, people who loves us though we can’t give them more than just our attention. All we need to do is to realize, we are not alone.

It is time to break grounds, set new parameters and be open to change. It is never awkward to be alone in the dark, we all have down and scary moments. It is ok to be afraid just like a child, it is ok only if you’ll get back to your normal self and realize that after the dark, there comes a light. It is not always night time, soon, dusk will come and the monsters that we made ourselves will be gone,


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