Friday, January 8, 2010

the end where we begin

Time brings us joys and sorrows, love and heartaches, victories and disappointments. As 2010 approaches, I am so excited of what this year has to offer me. Yes, I have learned a lot from the past year but knowing how to apply it at the same time not ruining the present situation is a big dilemma for me. I wish I could make the right decisions this time.

INCONSISTENCY is my number one problem bout random things in my life right now, I’m used to plan a thing and think it over and over again in my mind then somehow I can make it happen and pull it off . After a while I lose interest and just stop doing it. I don’t if it’s what we call laziness. Maybe, I just really couldn’t stick on a thing and maintain that high commitment to get to the end or I’m just really good at planning but not on the “getting things done “ stage. This year, I wanna see clear and real results, I wanna see things change and improve before my eyes, and I cross my fingers for this and ofcourse work!



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