Sunday, October 11, 2009

familiarity takes its toll

"Not all that glitters are gold, but maybe they are imperfect but not scraps."
When a person is put on the spotlight and enjoying the people's attention, it doesn't always mean that we can judge them.

 A friend of mine doesn't give a damn if people are throwing shits behind his back, maybe because that is his nature. He even once said that he doesn't care about people who criticize him but insted, he'll  focus more on the people who can appreciate his presence, I said, yes that's right but I asked him if being a popular guy especially not in the positive side doesn't bother him at all..obviously, he said no. Lately, I haven't heard much about him because we separated our ways since the end of our high school life. But now in college, people are still bragging about the scandals that he made or his wrong actions the whole time they knew him. I just say to them, "Yah, maybe he's not the perfect and most innocent guy but he doesn't give a damn so why not take care of your own craps before minding other people's." 

Studying in a big university back when I was in High School,  I've heard maybe the worst things 16 years old people can do (remains to your imagination because those are secrets I would like to keep with myself and those people involved )..and I found out that there are two types of high school junkies, the first is the salient and unbarred types who take responsibilities with their mistakes, I am not saying that that is the best thing to do but since the problem or instances are already there, they must be courageous enough to face the consequences. On the other hand, the those who are obscure and fades among the common, I hate them the most because they deny and fades that easy, as if nothing happened. 

Maybe my friend belongs to that first group. That friend of mine happened to be an ex lover. First I thought standing for him, that he is not really that bad as what my friends think, was just because I love him and he's my boyfriend but now that we're apart, I still take his side and be defiant against others. Yes, maybe he've hurt me but I think he is one of the most genuine person I've known. I symphatize with him because thinking about it, there are more batchmates who did worse than him, but still he was the only one who was taken noticed by inconsiderate people while others are unexposed and stayed in ther shells keeping their good records..I think that's unfair.

After realizing this, I became scared of the people around me, I don't know who are my real friends anymore but one thing's for sure, we must not judge others by heresays, let's see it ourselves . Catching people off-guard is the worst thing we can do. 


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