Sunday, October 18, 2009

still many miles to travel


I am a good girl,
I don't smoke, drink nor party all night long
 Simply living my life with solitariness,
And would like to keep it that way until I'm already successful
its what I enjoy at this point of my life
I believe that there is a time for everything
I am a good girl who believes that celebrating a debut
is what every girl should want
I love shopping with my mommy,
The shopping thing--can live without it
But I would die without my mom
 Always yielding at the brighter side of negative things
is my first response
Simple mishaps can't easily burst my bubble

I want to discover new horizons
that would fit my puny and little arms
I want to know what I want and remain firm on it.
basically, yes,
I am still finding my wings to fly
Surely, tough times will come
but I have no worries,
because I am armored with experiences and love

maybe, I am still in the making of becoming


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