Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I swam for a while. till I drowned.

When I woke up this morning, some things are now different. My mom isn't yelling at me telling me to do things  or go up from bed atleast, my dad is sleeping wth us in our room leaving the master's bedroom empty,  I got a passing grade from my Accounting subject, I have a new schedule for this coming semester. Yeah, I can tell, a whole new bunch of stuff is going on.

I have been swimming deeper down under my self-made ocean  for a little while letting myself vulnerable until I drowned, I was horrified when I knew, I was leaving in the past. Past people and past events, I have let them conquer my life. I know it's a lame and absurd thing that I must end..I was drowned and merely awackened.

Till last night, I was my daddy's little princess and my mommy's baby, well I am not saying that their princess and baby is gone, but let's say, I'm different now. Experienced. Changed.

I already know how to dream, dream for the future,myself's betterment. The past doesn't stand a chance on holding me back anymore, goodbye my yesteryear. And now I can say, I'm very ecstatic to worry about today's problem that can affect my tomorrow!


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