Saturday, October 3, 2009


Isn't it nice to have someone
          ..whom you know will answer your midnight calls?
          ..remember your birth date?..your favorite color?
           ..who take note of the things that you like the most?
          ..who will never  fail to wish you had a good night sleep in the mornings?

well..that's really nice but sometimes.."The love for the unfamiliar and unideal draw people to make strange decisions..".

And sometimes, even if that "perfect and ideal" someone is already in front of you, you switch the game and choose the uncommon one.

I don't like playing safe..

But what is happening now that is somehow pushing me to change my belief?
Yes, I chose the unfamiliar, I stood for what I know was right and would make me happy but it seems like I also chose to be hurt?
I don't know...
May God bless me....


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